The Groomer's notes

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 Grooming and store Policies:

Grooming fees are based upon time spent on your dog. Since all dogs are different, grooming rates vary and depend upon your pet’s temperament, condition of your dog’s coat, and the services your dog needs.

*If your dog urinates (marks) on or otherwise damages any retail item and it is unfit for resale the owner will be charged for item.  Thank you for your understanding!

Safety comes first for everyone during the grooming process, for The Groomer as well as your pets.  You must inform me prior to grooming if your pet has bitten someone or has aggressive tendencies.  Owners will be held liable for any bites or property damage caused by their pets.  The Groomer will stop the grooming services if I feel your pet’s behavior is compromising their safety or ours.  The Groomer will charge for the for the amount of the groom accomplished or $40.00 whichever is deemed fit by Groomer. The Groomer understands that some dogs are extremely sensitive to certain grooming procedures such as nail trimming and/or ear cleaning. It is not my intent to cause your dog any discomfort, so although these are routine procedures normally performed for the well-being of the pet(s),I will not continue with any grooming procedure that will cause pain, discomfort to the pet(s) or harm to the groomer. Sometimes, for a more sensitive dog, these procedures are best left to the care of a veterinarian. I will nurture and understand your pets feelings and ensure that your pet feels comfortable at all times.

Mat Removal
While I am extremely careful when clipping off excessively matted coats there is a risk of nicks, cuts or abrasions due to warts, moles or skin folds trapped in the mats. Removal of the matting may also reveal skin irritations caused by moisture trapped near the pet's skin allowing mold, fungus or bacteria to grow. Clipping may reveal embedded grass seeds, which may leave puss-filled holes in your pet's skin. Some groomers have  also found V-shaped cuts, where owners have tried to remove the matted coat with scissors.
The after effects of mat removal procedures can include itchiness, skin redness, self-inflicted irritations or abrasions and failure of the hair to re grow. Shaved pets are also prone to sunburn and should either have sun screen applied daily or should be kept out of the sun until the hair grows sufficiently to protect the skin. In some cases pets may also exhibit brief behavioral changes. This is most often caused by the owner accusing the pet of looking silly and exclaiming "What have they done to you!" . Your pet only recognizes your tone of voice and not what you are actually saying and thinks he has done something wrong and goes and hides under the bed. The owner construes this as the pet not liking what happened to him at the grooming shop. As the owner, You are responsible for the condition of your pet's coat and may not hold The Groomer  responsible in the event of adverse effects of mat removal.

Please notify us of any health conditions prior to booking appointments.

At The Groomer I strive to be as gentle and compassionate as possible throughout the entire grooming. I will give your pets the same love and care I would give my own dogs or cat.  Even under the best conditions grooming procedures sometimes can be stressful, especially for a senior pet or a pet with health problems.  Grooming may expose hidden medical conditions or aggravate existing ones during or after the grooming.  Because senior pets and pets with health problems have a greater chance of injury, these pets will be groomed for cleanliness and comfort, in styles that will not add to their stress. The Groomer will not be responsible for accident or injury to an elderly or health compromised pet during their grooming.  The Customer assumes all liabilities, financial and otherwise, for the behavior and health of their pet(s).
In consideration of the services rendered by The Groomer the Customer waives any and all claims, actions, or demands of any nature, foreseen or unforeseen, against The Groomer relating to the care, control, health, and/ or safety of Customer's pet(s) arising during services performed by The Groomer.

* We require every adult pet to be current on theirs rabies and for all puppies to have started their vaccine series. Please have a vaccination record ready in case needed.

Cancellation /Late Fee policy:

Please keep in mind that I work on an appointment only basis. The Groomer is a small business and in order to stay open to serve you, I must enforce the following. Late for an appointment: If you are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, and in fairness to the next scheduled customer I can not guarantee that I will be able to groom your pet. If you are running late, please call and we will try to accommodate your schedule. Please be considerate of my grooming schedule.

**Canceling or rescheduling: If you must cancel an appointment, please call at least 24 hours in advance for a weekday appointment and 48 hours for an evening or weekend. Your appointment can be given to someone else if I have adequate notice that you can't make it. If you don't let me know, I incur a financial loss. Please be considerate of this.

**No Shows: If you do not show up for your appointment, The Groomer incurs a financial loss. I will forgive one no-show. After the second you will be asked to pay a $50.00 min. no-show fee and pay in advance to secure another appointment. Time of stay: In order for each and every dog to get their individual attention during their stay The Groomer will only keep your best friend as short a time as possible. At the time you drop your dog off at the shop, you will be given an approximate time( Average 1 -2 hours ) for pick up. You will also be called as soon as I have made your dog beautiful! If you need your pet to here longer please tell The Groomer at the time you book the appointment and I will try to accommodate you and your pet as best I can, if possible. There will be an additional $15 per every 15 minutes charge added to your service for any dog not picked up after I have called you for pick up.

The Groomer  accepts Cash, Credit, and Checks

Policies regarding charge cards, personal checks and returns are posted at the sales counter.

A brief summary is included below.

Cash is always welcome

The Groomer accepts Visa, Mastercard, & Discover. Due to the high costs associated with credit cards transactions, a $10.00 minimum purchase is required. 

Personal checks are also accepted; however,You will be charged a $40.00 fee for any returned checks. If fee is not paid in 30 days the fee will be increased accordingly.

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