The Groomer's notes

Basic Grooming Package:

Bath with the Hydrosurge Massage bathing system and specially formulated shampoos and conditioners to match the natural ph balance of your pets coat and skin.

Hand Drying with high velocity warm air dryer, for increased drying time and removal of undercoat.

Nail Trimming

Ear check/ Cleaning

Small area of scissor trimming, eyes, pads, or sanitary areas.

Comb Out and Minor Dematting

Complete Grooming Package:

 All of the basic package is included plus...

A Puppy Cut  or Shave Down As discussed with Customer.

Haircut to AKC Breed Standard or to Owner's Preference.

* If your pet is severely matted you will be required to sign a matting release form. Please see our policies for more information.

The Groomer Bonus

Finishing Cologne, Bandana, Bows, and Dog Treat   (With Owners Approval)

A la Carte Services :

Medicated Shampoo Helps alleviate dry, itchy, flaky, irritated skin conditions and allergies.

Tea-Tree Oil A natural anti-fungal, anteseptic, and anti-inflammatory treatment when used properly.

Dematting in excess of 20 minutes will be charged per hourly rate.  To ensure a compassionate grooming experience we may have to shave your pets matted coat.

Ear Hair Plucking This helps to prevent moisture build up in ear canal that may lead to infections.

Expressing of Anal Glands Only if requested by your Vet as it is healthier for your pet to do this naturally.  We can make recommendations on dietary options to help your pet.

Furminator Combing (Reduces shedding by 90%)

Paw Treatment to soothe cracked or damaged pads.

Reiki Sessions ~Energy healing will benefit pets the same as humans 15-30 minute sessions can be added to any grooming package for additional cost.

FLEAS & TICKS:If you notice your fur-kid has fleas, please call immediately so we can make arrangements to get you in. For a heavily infested pet, we may request that you ask your vet about CAPSTAR, an oral medication that will kill any flea on your pet (it actually begins working in 30 minutes!) When a flea infestation occurs - the home environment (your home, their bedding, your yard, your car etc.) must be treated to kill any of the fleas, flea eggs and larvae that remain. Please be sure to treat the dog & the environment to successfully rid your home & pet of fleas. Keep your pet on a regular grooming schedule. A clean, well-groomed pet is the best way to keep the flea problem at bay. After successful extermination of the parasites, I will help you maintain your flea-free lifestyle!

Tick Removal early intervention to reduce the affects of Lyme Disease.

De-Skunk Bath Odor Eliminating Bath.

Please remember estimates given over phone may be adjusted due to breed type, coat condition, size, health, and temperament. As these are all factors that can only be determined in person and during your pet's grooming.

* The Groomer may take pictures of your pet , before and after grooming, for our website/facebook, advertising and education.